Vietnamese banks drawing closer to Japanese partners

One of the first Japanese companies investing in the Vietnamese banking industry was Mizuho Financial Group, which entered in the domestic market in 2012. Currently, Mizuho’s initial investment of $570 million has doubled in value. At a recent meeting ... ( read original story ...)

Japan, China take uneasy step toward warmer ties

TOKYO -- Relations between Japan and China are finally showing signs of thawing after a long winter, with talk of possible summits next year and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe offering cooperation on Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative. "When State ... ( read original story ...)

Japan to promote direct Asian currency exchanges

TOKYO -- Japan's Ministry of Finance seeks to create a market enabling direct exchanges of the yen and other Asian currencies without using the dollar as an intermediary, an idea that could reduce funding costs for financial institutions and businesses. ( read original story ...)