Japan’s government bond market grinding to a halt

This marks the longest period of stagnation since 1994, according to data from Nikkei affiliate QUICK. The implied volatility of Japanese government bonds reached its lowest point since January 2008. Trading in newly issued 10-year debt has become so ... ( read original story ...)

Tokyo, Japan: Three rules to see the secret side of the city

Peace and quiet in Tokyo? A lost cause? Holidaying Australians go elsewhere to relax. In Tokyo, which we’re visiting in increasing numbers, we chase excitement. We want to experience the famed hustle-and-bustle of a capital where innovative architecture ... ( read original story ...)

Campaigning for Tokyo polls kicks off

Official campaigning kicked off yesterday for the Tokyo metropolitan assembly election, seen as a bellwether for national trends. A total of 259 candidates will be vying for 127 seats in the election on July 2, which will pit the ruling Liberal Democratic ... ( read original story ...)

From Bronx to Tokyo, Darvish vs Tanaka creates buzz

By the time Tanaka bounded out to the mound and warmed up to the peppy music of Japanese girl band Momoiro Clover Z, it was 8:47 p.m. for the first pitch — that was 9:47 a.m. Saturday in Tokyo for the national telecast back in his homeland. "Breakfast at ... ( read original story ...)

Tokyo zoo announces baby panda’s sex

Tokyo: A baby panda recently born in Japan is a girl, a Tokyo zoo said, adding that the little cub appeared to be in good health. Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo celebrated the first birth of a baby panda in five years on June 12, prompting rolling television reports ... ( read original story ...)