Choosing Japan as a Business Home – Sun Xiaojun

This week's episode features engineer and entrepreneur Sun Xiaojun, who decided to stay in Japan after earning his PhD to start ... something that's even spreading into the matchmaking business. A fair in Jakarta featured Halal-certified products and ... ( read original story ...)

WSJ seeks a reporter in Japan

The Wall Street Journal is looking for a reporter in Tokyo to cover Japanese business, economy, markets and geopolitics. The central focus of the role will be following Japan-based companies led by Toyota, ( read original story ...)

Japan tourism hits record, but business mood sours

STORY: Japan just posted more record figures for tourism. The number of visitors surpassed 3 million in March - the first time they’ve ever gone above that level. Arrivals have been boosted by factors including the weak yen. ( read original story ...)

Japan business leader: Yen’s weakness needs adjustment

Japan's currency has weakened to levels not seen in more than 30 years, which is becoming an increasing concern for business leaders. The head of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives says the weaker purchasing power of the yen causes prices to ... ( read original story ...)

The Role of the Private Sector in Japan-Ukraine Cooperation

Furthermore, Japanese involvement in Ukraine spotlights the role of the private sector in rebuilding the country, as business and economic actors can aid long-term Ukrainian economic recovery and strengthen bilateral ties through corporate cooperation. ( read original story ...)

OpenAI opens Tokyo office and debuts custom GPT-4 version for Japan

OpenAI has made the model available to several early customers including the developer of Speak, one of the most popular language learning apps in Japan. Thanks to the customized version of GPT-4, Speak can now generate explanations for users up to 2.8 times faster than before. The app’s operator also reduced its inference costs. ( read ...