MLS gaining respectability, soccer league ‘on a good path’

It's ahead of France's Ligue 1 (21,029), Japan's J1 League (19,107 ... but I think it's on a good path." Fox, the Earthquakes president who was previously CEO of English Aston Villa, said MLS is starting to play at a level hardcore soccer fans are ... ( read original story ...)

Zen monk Seigaku: A life with less can be so much more

Japanese monk Seigaku lives a Zen life with as little money ... Buddhist Study that would grant him ¥1 million for one year. But then the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident in Fukushima occurred and he changed his destination. ( read original story ...)

Japan’s hotel room crunch might be a glut

And most of the rooms that will be added over the next few years are expected to be in business hotels. Japan's APA Group, for example, plans to open 47 hotels with a combined 14,500 rooms through 2020. In Tokyo, many hotels are suffering stagnant ... ( read original story ...)

Umbilical: Linking friends with fine food and wine

Tokyo is a tough place to open any business, especially your first restaurant. Along with kitchen skills and front-of-house nous, you need the right location, good connections and a strong underlying raison d’etre. A catchy name and some funky background ... ( read original story ...)

Toyota, Mazda plant in U.S. may bring 4,000 jobs

Toyoda denied that Trump’s views influenced his decision. “We have been reviewing the best production strategy for our business,” he told reporters at a Tokyo hotel, after shaking hands with Mazda President Masamichi Kogai. Trump welcomed the announc ... ( read original story ...)