Japan's jobless rate falls to 3.0% in September

Japan's unemployment rate stood at 3.0 percent in September ... To have fuller access to the Kyodo News website, it is necessary to subscribe. We offer a broad range of subscription options depending on your needs. Learn more. ( read original story ...)

Japan 'make-up etiquette' video sparks backlash

TOKYO: Japanese railway operator Tokyu Corp has released a "make-up etiquette" video aimed at discouraging commuters from applying make-up while on their trains. The 30-second video was released last month according to the Japan Times, and has since ... ( read original story ...)

Japan holds Nigerian asylum seeker in solitary confinement

"I want to help people. Give me the right to help people - don't put me in here," Ms Obueza told Reuters news agency. The crackdown on asylum seekers comes as Japan faces a impending labour shortage due to its the ageing population. ( read original story ...)

Osaka’s landmark Tsutenkaku tower turns 60

OSAKA – Osaka celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Tsutenkaku tower on Friday as the landmark regained its popularity in recent years with a growing number of foreign tourists drawn to the retro allure of the relatively short observation tower. “I ... ( read original story ...)

Osaka restaurant to sell noodle dish model of Tsutenkaku tower

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of Tsutenkaku, a beloved landmark in Osaka, a nearby restaurant has come up with a special menu item -- a curry udon noodle dish that is a one-500th model of the 100-meter tower. The special wheat flour noodle dish is ... ( read original story ...)

Uncle of Japanese emperor dies at age 100

TOKYO - The younger brother of former Japanese Emperor Hirohito died Thursday at the age of 100. The Imperial Household Agency announced that Prince Mikasa had died in the morning at a hospital in Tokyo. Japanese media reports say he had been hospitalized ... ( read original story ...)

MotoGP legend remains behind bars in Japan

Australian motorcycling great Wayne Gardner remains behind bars in Japan, 12 days after being detained for allegedly assaulting three men in a road rage incident. The 57-year-old was reportedly involved in a minor car accident and scuffle in Motegi on ... ( read original story ...)

Philippine, Japanese leaders sign military, economic deals

TOKYO — The leaders of Japan and the Philippines agreed Wednesday to co-operate in promoting regional peace and stability and endorsed Japan's provision of patrol boats and military training aircraft to bolster Philippine maritime security, without ... ( read original story ...)

Japan, West clash over 'cultural' whale hunts

PORTOROž (SLOVENIA) - Japan pleaded with the world's whaling watchdog Wednesday to allow small hunts by coastal communities, arguing that for three decades these groups had been unjustly barred from a traditional source of food. The issue of "small type ... ( read original story ...)

Philippines’ Duterte hits out at US, then heads to Japan

The fresh broadside from Duterte came as he was about to board a plane for an official visit to fellow US ally Japan, a big investor in the Philippines that is becoming nervous about its apparent pivot towards rival power China. The volatile, crime-busting ... ( read original story ...)

South China Sea News: PH Turns To Japan For Back Up?

The latest South China Sea news highlights Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit to Japan after his headline-grabbing visit in China. He is in Japan for a three-day visit and it is expected that his anti-US rhetoric will be a key issue. ( read original story ...)