Populism fails to catch fire in Japan

Japan is unfavorable terrain for populists ... That sounds like a leader who could be popular, if not a populist. Shotaro Tani, is a Nikkei staff writer in Tokyo. ( read original story ...)

Power blackout hits 34,000 homes in Osaka

TOKYO • A major blackout struck Osaka at dawn yesterday, cutting off power to 34,000 homes and shutting down hospitals and 24-hour convenience stores. Traffic lights also went black at several major intersections, with traffic police activated to direct ... ( read original story ...)

Blurred photos poke holes in defense of land sale to Moritomo

The Finance Ministry has argued that it reduced the price of the plot in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture, because of the large amount of waste that had to be removed from the land. It shared photos of the site with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure ... ( read original story ...)

Shock waves in Japan

The most powerful earthquake yet recorded, in 1960 off Chile, sent 80-foot waves across 10,500 miles of ocean — and struck Japan, half a world away, killing 142 people there. Japan is a magnet for super-tsunamis, which recur at intervals of 800 to 1,000 ... ( read original story ...)