Government steps in to guide ‘rudderless’ Toshiba chip sale

banking advisers involved in the auction and one of the company’s biggest lenders, comes as key figures say progress on the auction has ground to a “slow crawl” and may fizzle altogether. In recent weeks, say the same people, the Japanese government ... ( read original story ...)

Blackwater guard gets new trial for 2007 Baghdad massacre

Chinese navy helps USA hunt for missing marine in disputed seas Japan Standard Time, or around 3 a.m. "I offer ... but "It's a big part", he said. Punjab National Bank's Q1 net at Rs 343 crore; provisions decline Advances also increased by 2.08% at Rs ... ( read original story ...)

Let’s not get carried away by the return in economic growth

Since its 1992 banking crisis, Japan has suffered several false starts. There were recoveries in 1995-96 and again in 2000 and 2010; but they tended to be cut short by the failure to write down bad debt (the so-called zombie loans), several premature ... ( read original story ...)

Trump begins 17-day “working vacation” at N.J. golf club

Two pharmaceutical firms – U.K.-based Mallinckrodt and Japan’s Daiichi Sankyo – launched major operations ... The otherwise sleepy Bedminster has three limousine companies, a boutique bank and wealth management firm, and roughly as many caterers ... ( read original story ...)