Japan Earthquake Today 2016 Strikes Out to Sea

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A Japan earthquake today 2016 has just struck out to sea. And the quake was followed by another quake moments thereafter. The Japan earthquake today November 1, 2016 hit late today. First, USGS indicates to news that a 5.2 magnitude ... ( read original story ...)

'Lucky chicken' finds fame in Japan

The male chicken, named Masahiro, has become something of a local celebrity in Osaka, even serving as an honorary "chief" of the local traffic police last month, the Kyodo news agency reports. Masahiro was meant to become raccoon food at the city's Tennoji ... ( read original story ...)

Japanese all-girls band under fire for Nazi-like outfits

TOKYO -- A popular teenage all-girls band in Japan is under fire for performing in outfits resembling Nazi-era German military uniforms. The members of Keyakizaka46 appeared recently in black knee-length dresses that look like military overcoats ... ( read original story ...)

Halloween all the rage in Japan

Enthusiasm among young Japanese for Halloween continues to grow year by year, not only as a day to enjoy "cosplay" but as a time to spend on goodies like nobody's business. Observed in many countries as a time dedicated to remembering the dead, the ... ( read original story ...)

Temples enter matchmaking business in marriage-shy Japan

TOKYO - Traditionally seen as conductors of funerals or memorial services, some Buddhist monks in Japan are carving out a new niche as matchmakers for men and women looking for marriage partners. In a country where an increasing number of people are ... ( read original story ...)