Japan braces for tough trade talks with old US hand

WASHINGTON -- The man expected to become America's next chief trade negotiator indicated Tuesday that the new U.S. administration will put heavy pressure on Japan to make concessions in agriculture imports on the way toward a bilateral free trade agreement. ( read original story ...)

Japan gathering forces to mine 'burning ice' energy

TOKYO -- About 50 Japanese companies are joining forces to support the commercialization of methane hydrate, a fuel anticipated in Japan as a next-generation energy source. Methane hydrate, also known as "burning ice" for its icelike form, releases methane ... ( read original story ...)

Japan makes a new name for itself — with world-class whisky

YAMAZAKI, JAPAN—A dim storage room surrounded by bamboo groves and ... who manages Nikka’s international business. Nikka Whisky From the Barrel, packaged in a sleek bottle, is doing especially well in Europe, she says. Sukhinder Singh, owner of London ... ( read original story ...)

Japan's central bank holds steady on interest rate, stimulus

TOKYO — Japan's central bank opted Thursday to keep its monetary policy steady, as the U.S. Federal Reserve tightens and European Central Bank edges in that direction. The Bank of Japan ended a policy meeting by keeping the minus 0.1 per cent benchmark ... ( read original story ...)