Why Japan is hell-bent on saving the Trans-Pacific Partnership

When Japan recently rushed to become the first country to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership, it did so in part to pressure fence-sitters such as Canada to fall in line. “Even though the prospects of the deal coming into effect have become unclear ... ( read original story ...)

Japan seeks to win Thai air defense radar contract – sources

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan is seeking to win a contract to supply Thailand with an air defense radar system built by Mitsubishi Electric Corp, as it looks to counter growing Chinese influence in the Southeast Asian nation, according to four Japanese ... ( read original story ...)

Light earthquake: M4.4 quake has struck near Namie in Japan

A light earthquake with magnitude 4.4 (ml/mb) was detected on Wednesday, 57 kilometers (35 miles) from Namie in Japan. The 4.4-magnitude earthquake has occurred at 23:46:58 / 11:46 pm (local time epicenter). The earthquake was roughly at a depth of 35.9 km ... ( read original story ...)

Japanese banks grapple with ultra-low interest rates

BANKS the world over are wrestling with low interest rates. Nowhere have they grappled for longer than in Japan. Although the Bank of Japan (BoJ) introduced negative rates only in January, almost 20 months after the European Central Bank, its rates have ... ( read original story ...)

Tokyo Olympics estimated to cost up to $15 billion

TOKYO — Organizers of the Tokyo Olympics estimate the total cost of hosting the 2020 Games will be between 1.6 and 1.8 trillion yen ($13 to $15 billion). The official cost estimate announced Dec. 21 was below the promised 2 trillion ($17 billion) cap ... ( read original story ...)

Japan's huge sex problem just hit a 117-year low

Ever since 1899 when Japan began collecting data on how many babies are born each year, the total has never fallen below 1 million. Until 2016. With a week left in the year, officials predict only 981,000 babies will have been born — a dip of 25,000 from ... ( read original story ...)