How Amazon helped push Japan’s famed delivery men to the edge

Person-to-person home delivery sales have been an important cultural feature in Japan for decades. So the growing burdens of e-commerce that threaten it are not just a business story; they are a story about social infrastructure. For the delivery companies ... ( read original story ...)

How Japan proved printing money can be a great idea

In the best case, the economy would get stuck in a cycle of low consumer spending leading to low business investment leading to low hiring, and then even lower consumer spending. And in the worst, everyone would go bankrupt. That's why Japan has put so ... ( read original story ...)

Geoducks: unique B.C. clams a booming business

"It's been in the Japanese market originally and in the last 25 years it's been mostly all China." Austin showed a few of the clams to Our Vancouver host Gloria Macarenko. Geoducks are a $45 million dollar a year business and only so many of the clams can ... ( read original story ...)

New Osaka hotel making its mark

OSAKA -- A hotel that opened last year in Osaka has become ... the hotel's operating company. The business was founded by the brothers' native Chinese grandfather some five decades ago. An angry outburst Before Oukyuu opened the new hotel last year ... ( read original story ...)

Japanese robotics startups look to foreign talent

Mohanarajah came to Japan from Sri Lanka in 2014 to start his business. One American engineer said the office environment is very international and gives him energy to work. Rapyuta also has offices in Switzerland and India. But Mohanarajah insisted that ... ( read original story ...)

Bringing Japanese-style online trading to Malaysia

The Japanese version of the mobile app has over 1.5 million downloads. The online brokerage business in Japan began in 1999 following the full deregulation of stock brokerage commission rates. Rakuten Securities Inc president Yuji Kusunoki said this was ... ( read original story ...)

Japan Inc. overcomes falling revenue to log record profit

Itochu, for example, showed a 47% jump in net profit, driven largely by its improved food business. Japan's five largest traders saw net results improve by 1.28 trillion yen. Communications companies also performed well, thanks to swelling revenue from ... ( read original story ...)

Japan in longest economic expansion in a decade

But analysts warned that the nation's long battle to conquer deflation was far from over. Japan's economy grew by 0.5 percent quarter on quarter in the first three months of the year, fresh statistical data showed Thursday, marking the fifth straight ... ( read original story ...)

Japan's economy grows faster than expected

Japan's economy grew faster than expected in the first three months of the year, according to official data. The economy grew 0.5% in the quarter, while the annualised rate of growth was 2.2% - the fastest rate for a year. The figures means Japan has now ... ( read original story ...)

Japan’s economy expands at fastest pace in a year

Japan’s economy grew in the first quarter at its fastest pace in a year to mark the longest period of expansion in a decade, thanks to robust exports and a helpful boost from private consumption. Positive data issued on Thursday should offer some relief ... ( read original story ...)

Japan’s Economy Is Growing, but Don’t Call It a Hot Streak

Although Japan’s output is still the world’s third-largest, after the United States and China, consistent growth has been elusive — the result of headwinds like a declining population and deflation. Japanese gross domestic product increased by 2.2 ... ( read original story ...)