Tokyo Electron : Announcement on Personnel Changes

10/27 TOKYO ELECTRON: Patent Issued for Bonding Apparatus, Bonding System and Bonding.. 10/20 TOKYO ELECTRON: Patent Issued for Joining Method and Joining System (USPTO 9463.. 10/20 TOKYO ELECTRON: Patent Issued for Method of Manufacturing Thermal ... ( read original story ...)

Tokyo Comic-Con Lifts Ban On Men Crossdressing During Cosplays

Who wore it better? [Image by Anthony Chodor/Flickr] A Rocket News report writes about photographer Naoko Tatibana, who has not only dedicated her life to advancing the LGBT cause, but also put up a a cross-dressing studio in Tokyo called Taiyodo ... ( read original story ...)

Tokyo: Matsuzaka joins cast of Chen Kaige’s 'Kukai'

The casting was announced today at Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) at an event attended by Matsuzaka, Tsuguhiko Kadokawa and Yoshishige Shimatani, who head Kadowkawa and Toho respectively, and Japanese and Chinese government officials. ( read original story ...)

Prince Mikasa, Brother of Emperor Hirohito of Japan, Dies at 100

He was 100. The Imperial Household Agency announced his death. Japanese news reports said he had been hospitalized since May, initially because of pneumonia. Prince Takahito Mikasa was born in Tokyo on Dec. 2, 1915. He was the uncle of the current emperor ... ( read original story ...)

Japan’s 100-year-old Prince Mikasa passes away

He breathed his last at 8.34 a.m. on Thursday at St. Luke’s International Hospital in Tokyo, Japan News reported. According to Hirokazu Nagawa, the medical supervisor of the Imperial Household, said the Prince’s physical condition had been stable in ... ( read original story ...)